About Sherburne Counseling

Millie and Beau seem to naturally understand the comfort found in connection. Those of us who walk on two legs sometimes lose sight of the power of connecting to others. At Sherburne Counseling, we embrace the power found in relationships. Our patients experience the genuine caring and expertise that we bring to each and every therapeutic interaction.

"Instant connection! Our teenage daughter had been professionally diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and had been struggling with self esteem and anxiety for years. We met with many different professionals, had team meetings with educational consultants, neuropsychologists, teachers and tutors. They all said that this child was carrying around too much stress and absolutely needed to have someone to talk with, who could help her with this heavy burden. This was easier said than done, she simply did not connect with anyone until she met Walter. He has been an invaluable resource to our daughter and our family ever since."

Parent of an ADHD Child

"Walter Sherburne is an incredibly talented, upbeat, and effective therapist. People who see him invariably feel better and make major progress in their lives. This man has a rare gift for finding and developing the best in all people."

Edward Hallowell, M.D.