Phil Doherty, Life Coach

With fifteen years of experience working on an inpatient psychiatric unit, Phil brings a unique skill set to Sherburne Counseling. A thoughtful and compassionate listener, an insightful observer, and a professional who appreciates the power of humor, Phil has recently found a niche working as a coach, helping his clients think about what life holds in store for them. Where therapy tends to look back, coaching looks forward and it is this commitment that Phil brings into his work.

Phil has insight into the issues associated with ADHD, emotional struggles, relationships and substance use. Phil is currently facilitating a group for young adults who are seeking direction in their lives. Phil works with individuals, families and groups.

I had the good fortune of working with Phil Doherty for many years on a locked psychiatric unit where he was both a student and a teacher. He is an individual who innately "gets" the human struggles that underlie deeply rooted emotional conflict. When all else failed, it was Phil who truly connected to individuals and families in crisis. Through his tenderness and honesty and humor, Phil taught us all how to see what was possible in an otherwise bleak environment. Phil saw hope where others saw only failure. Anyone would benefit from speaking with this amazingly insightful mentor.

Robert Dunn, MD PhD.
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School