About Walter Sherburne

“Walter Sherburne is an incredibly talented, upbeat, and effective therapist. People who see him invariably feel better and make major progress in their lives. This man has a rare gift for finding and developing the best in all people.

— Edward Hallowell, M.D.

“I had been being treated for depression after a terrible life experience. Over twenty years passed and I was still devastated and disabled from the event. To quote U2 , I was stuck in a moment and couldn't get out of it. Walter saved my life, period. I had made one suicide attempt, underwent 18 useless ECT sessions, suffered severe memory damage and I was still feeling horrible. I had truly despaired and was serious about making another attempt. I didn't plan to fail.

Enter Walter, he performed emergency emotional life support and introduced me to EMDR. My pain began subsiding immediately. I saw a glimmer of light that I had NEVER seen before. He validated my feelings; he had great compassion and truly worked hard to save me. He cared deeply about what had happened to me and knew just how to treat my underlying issues.

Over twenty years no other therapist tumbled to the fact that I had suffered severe physical and emotional abuse in my early childhood and that depression was not my real problem but that untreated PTSD and untreated ADHD were to blame for my apparently untreatable depression.

— Therapy Client

“When I was beyond solutions, I found Walter Sherburne. His skillful guidance, engaging approach, and resolute commitment to my success have reframed my life. Sadness is now engulfed in peace, hope springs eternal, and the possibilities are infinite.”

— Former Therapy Client

“The critical element of trust, once established, never wavered. He helps you find the strength that you forgot was there.”

— Therapy Client

“Walter manages to be wise, practical, and humble at the same time. He strikes just the right balance between being understanding and telling it like it is.”

— Therapy Client

“Walter provides a perfect blend of precision analysis, genuine compassion, and interactive guidance that conquer fear, rekindles hope and propels you towards a future that was once inconceivable.”

— Therapy Client

“Lost and in pain, I didn't want to join a group. In Walter's group I found compassion and a sense of belonging. Finding others in pain and sharing common problems, it's been like having a supportive family. Everyone has the same goal of gaining understanding and health.”

— Group Participant

“Walter Sherburne is a gifted therapist. The world is complicated enough for those without ADHD; for those with it, it's doubly so. Walter has helped me and many others in our group sort through those complications with the result that we have a clearer understanding of ourselves and the dynamics of the relationships we're in. I recommend him without reservation.”

— Group Participant

“One thought comes to mind when I think about the impact that Walter Sherburne has had on our family, since my son was diagnosed with ADHD: life-changing. Our son's fear and self-doubt have been replaced with increasing hope and self-confidence, and our family is once again becoming just that ... a family. Walter has a special gift that allows him to positively impact not only those seeking his help, but even more importantly, those who do not even realize that they are in need of help. Before we ever met Walter, one of his co-workers remarked, 'Oh, Walter is wonderful!!' How very true.”

— Parent of an ADHD Child

“Walter is a warm and compassionate clinician who immediately connects with his clients, both young and old. His experience working with families struggling with ADHD is impressive and spans over two decades. Those lucky enough to work with Walter will find his wisdom tremendously helpful.”

— Theresa Lavoie, Ph.D.

“Instant connection! Our teenage daughter had been professionally diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and had been struggling with self esteem and anxiety for years. We met with many different professionals, had team meetings with educational consultants, neuropsychologists, teachers and tutors. They all said that this child was carrying around too much stress and absolutely needed to have someone to talk with, who could help her with this heavy burden. This was easier said than done, she simply did not connect with anyone until she met Walter. He has been an invaluable resource to our daughter and our family ever since.”

— Parent of an ADHD Child

“I am a neuropsychiatrist practicing in the Andover area. I frequently refer my patients to Walter as a highly trusted resource for counseling and support. Walter is a credible, personable therapist with an interactive style that works. He cares deeply about his patients and is committed to their growth and well being. I am grateful that I can count on Walter to care for the children and adults in our community.”

— Theresa Cerulli, M.D.

“My husband and I were in therapy for almost two years. Therapy sessions seemed to only worsen our communication. Then we met Walter! His genuine caring, directness, humor, and knowledge of ADHD, anger and relational issues have helped us tremendously in our ability to communicate. I feel much more hopeful now about my primary relationship.”

— Marital Therapy Client

“I came to Walter feeling isolated, depressed, confused, stigmatized...you name it, if it sucked, it was me. All around me it felt like the walls were closing in and I wasn't going to make it out alive. My relationship with Walter changed everything. For the first time in my life I feel connected, engaged, successful, happy. I actually feel excited for the future and have the confidence and resilience I need to handle whatever it brings.”

— College Student

“Walter has helped me transition from a stagnant state of frustration, sadness and self doubt to a position of happiness and self understanding. He has shown me how to let go of the burdens given to me by other people and move forward with my own life. I have no doubt I will be successful and I attribute this confidence to the work I've done with Walter.”

— Therapy Client

“I benefit from being in a men's group run by Walter Sherburne in several ways: my life is enriched by the men in the group; I have gained skill at both identifying and dealing with behavior that does not serve me well; and I have gained a sense of self wroth as I participate in our weekly discussion. Walter's willingness to share his own life with us sets a tone of openness and deep trust that is unusual for a group of men, we often go to places within ourselves that show our vulnerability, pain, and depth of feeling. We are healthier for it.”

— Group Client

“One session of EMDR allowed me to get to the core of a deep-seated issue I hadn't even scratched the surface of in years of talk therapy with other professionals. The progress achieved after a session of EMDR is truly remarkable. Walter has the uncanny ability to pinpoint core issues quickly, enabling clients to get healthy and achieve happiness in their lives. I never could have imagined achieving what I have in my life and knowing that I don't have to live in the pain that I was living in. You made it ok for me to have a happy life.”

— Client